Trip to the Antique Shop Texture Bundle in Second Life

Trip-to-the-Antique-Shop-AdNothing like a trip to an old town Antique Shop to find loads of inspiration. In this bundle you will find totally unique decor bricks, beautifully colored! Shabby woods that cannot be found anywhere and some cool antique glass that can have many uses. 35 original textures with lots of personality. Available now in Second Life.

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Distressed Art Deco Glass in Second Life

Deco-Art-Glass-AdIn now. “Deco Art Glass” texture bundle. A beautiful collection of 45 unique glass textures with a variety of uses. All handmade. Each texture has a hint of broken glass/mosiac feel to it. Great for: Vases, pottery, lamps, light fixtures, votive holders, sculptures, art work,  windows, jars, bottles, perfume bottles, flower pots, beads for jewelry. There are so many uses for these! Some are solid and you can lower the opacity in edit mode and some are alpha/transparent textures. Textures are 1024 x 1024. Feel free to use them in Photoshop and Maya (Or whatever art program you used) to add your own details if you so desire. I just ask that you do not resell or give away the textures themselves even with making your own changes. These are gorgeous! Enjoy! peace, Jewell

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Jean and Funk Textures in Second Life

A texture bundle of jeans and funk. A beautiful collection of 50 unique textures with a variety of uses. All handmade.

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Romantic Floral Textures in Second Life

30 “Romantic Floral” Textures- A collection of romantic textures with hints of floral. Great for cottages, shabby builds, doll items, pillows, table tops, wall arts, clothing.  All textures 1024 x 1024.




Scuffed and Shabby Wood In Second Life

'Wood'-adScuffed and shaded wood textures by Distressed. A collection of 40 totally unique woods with some wear to them. Some are seamless for tiling and repeats whereas some have a little shading for depth. These scuffed up woods are total originals that are not only adorable but with a variety of uses. Floors, paneling, walls, counter tops, book shelves, accessories, you name it! Just try to resist #15 scuffed white!


Cottage Fixn’s in Second Life

Cottage-Fixin'sCottage Fixin’s textures. A bundle of adorable textures with all the makings for some cute cottages, sheds, garden hutches, greenhouses, cabins, etc. 34 textures including woods (some seamless too), wallpaper, planks, barn door, barn wood and windows. Cute stuff ready for building.

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Grandma’s Linen Closet texture pack in Second Life

Grandmas-Linen-ClosetInspired by my Mom who is an amazing quilter. Grandma’s Linen Closet is a collection of fabrics and quilted styles. 45 original textures by Jewell. The solid patterned non-quilted fabrics are seamless. I have included some quilted style fabrics as well. Precious textures for use as bedding, accessories, quilts, clothing, hats, etc. Very shabby chic!


Sweet Enough to Eat 2 in Second Life

Sweet-Enough-to-Eat-240 Sweet Enough To Eat! Textures. Great for accessories, bedding, pillows, shelve liners, clothes, couches, hats, and you can upload them to your computer and add them to clothes! Adorable. Originals by Jewell.




Vintage Shabby Doors – Only in Second Life

Vintage-Shabby-Doors You can use Distressed Textures to make items for sale in Second Life, however you cannot resell or give away the textures, period.





Shabby Chic Basket Weave in Second Life

Shabby Chic Basket Weave.  A bundle of 60 textures.